Galleria Vitavien Cafe

If you like sweets, just like us, and can’t resist another cake, then you definitely should visit the Vitavien cafe. Here you will find everything you need, from cakes of various flavors, ice cream, marmalade, to salty croissants and various drinks.

Just by going inside this cafe, you won’t want to leave there anymore. You will be enveloped by the incredible smell of fresh buns, and then everything is like in a dream.

The Vitavien cafe is a fairly extensive and popular and includes as many as 10 cafes in different parts of the city, which allows each guest to easily wander in for a cup of coffee and not only.

We visited the Vitavien cafe, which is located on Istiklal Street and will tell you in detail about it. The cafe itself looks very different from others and attracts with its Galleria Vitavien sign. Only two out of 10 cafes have a Galleria Vitavien sign. Why Galleria, you ask? Because the cafe consists of 3 floors, once on any of them, you will feel like in a movie. Everything is very refined and with style, interesting wooden stained glass windows, antique bar counters, lots of fire lamps. On the ground floor there is a whole selection of desserts that are not just written on the menu, but you can come up and choose the one that you liked.

There is also a cash register and several tables on the ground floor, but do not rush to settle there, we advise you to go higher. Going up to the second floor, you will be delighted.There you will be able to buy interesting gifts and souvenirs, look at antique trays and service sets, as well as choose a small treat for tomorrow. Here you can also sit in a pleasant atmosphere. But do not forget that there is also a third floor in the cafe, there is one secret place on the terrace, which offers a beautiful view of the Bosphorus. An unusual owner of the cafe is the cat Usman, who has been living in it for 14 years and always approaches new guests with interest and affection. ,

The service in the cafe is always at a high level, the staff will help you in choosing, because when we came for the first time, the employees spoke to us in Russian, English and Turkish. The prices are quite reasonable, on a par with an ordinary cafe, so you will not be deceived. The taste of food will make you come back to the cafe more than once. We definitely recommend visiting the Galleria Vitavien cafe at least once, we are sure that it will become one of your favorite establishments.

Photos from Galleria Vitavien Cafe

You can read this article in Russian Language: Кафе Galleria Vitavien

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