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Turkey’s Galatasaray University found that the most outstanding students, is located in Istanbul’s Ortakoy district. Although many people know it as a private university, Galatasaray University is a state university. Firstly, the university was founded by Sultan II. Beyazid in 1481. The school started education in the place where today’s Galatasaray High School is located in order to train civil servants for various administrative levels of the state. In 1868, by the order of Sultan Abdulaziz, who was the first Ottoman sultan to visit Western countries and was particularly influenced by the education institutions in France, the Galatasaray School, which constitutes the third stage of today’s Galatasaray, was put into service. Kececizade Fuat Pasha, who graduated from Tibbiye-i Sahane, became the foreign minister of that period and later became the grand vizier, and Ali Pasha was one of those who made great efforts for the establishment of this school that focused on French education.

Central Campus

Galatasaray Campus

The central campus is located in Ortakoy, Besiktas district. While the main building of Galatasaray University, the rectorate building and the engineering faculty are located on the beach; other sections are on the other part of the road. There is a tunnel inside the university. In this way, transportation between buildings is provided by walking.


Galatasaray University has different accommodation alternatives for students who come from outside İstanbul. You can find public and private dormitories in close districts of Ortakoy. Most of the students prefer dormitories around Besiktas and Taksim. Because of their locations, the private dormitory prices are a bit expensive when compared the other public universities in İstanbul.

Prep. School

If you entered the school with LYS and you do not have a French DELF B2 document, you have to study French preparation. French preparatory classes are created in a mixed way. In other words, there are students from different departments in each class. At Galatasaray University, preparation is 2 years only in the department of French Language and Literature. Preparation for all other departments is 1 year. Students who successfully complete the preparatory class are eligible to move on to their departments. The minimum passing grade is 50. Students who fall below this grade take the make-up exam. Students who fail the make-up exam repeat the preparatory year. There is no summer school system at the school. During the preparation, students are included in many projects so that they can learn better.


Suna Kirac Library
Suna Kirac Library

Galatasaray University’s mail library is Suna Kırac Library. You can find millions of books and documentations inside it. The library is located in the main campus.

University Website: https://www.gsu.edu.tr

You can reach other universities in Turkey by this link: Universities in Turkey

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