Foreign Nationals Will Be Able to Apply for Mobile Device Registrations From E-government

Foreign nationals will be able to apply for the registration of their mobile devices through the e-Government portal with their foreign identity numbers.


The procedure for registering foreign nationals through subscriber registration centers was terminated, and device registration applications were made through the e-Government portal with foreign identification numbers. Thus, it was aimed to provide the service from a single point, in a fast, secure and integrated manner.

Thanks to the system integrations made with the Ministry of Commerce, the way for automatic controls on the customs declaration has been paved.

A regulation was also made so that the IMEI number of the device for exchange and the IMEI number of the device to be exchanged belong to the same brand device, so that modem-type devices are not searched. In this context, it was aimed to eliminate the problems experienced in the exchange of devices with electronic identity information used in motor vehicles.

The time allowed for importers and manufacturers to correct the incorrectly reported IMEI has also been increased from 3 months to 6 months.

Resource :,Ls6esO7pfUy82jTUWgIgsQ

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