Foreign investor’s interest in Turkey: They bought 274.4 million dollars of shares last week

Weekly Securities Statistics was published by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT).

Non-residents bought 43-week net stocks last week at $274.4 million. In the week ended Sept. 5, non-residents purchased a net $274.4 million of equities and $37.7 million of Government Debt Securities (GDDS), while they sold $1.7 million of Corporate Debt Securities (BDT).

Non-residents’ stock purchases pointed to the strongest net purchases since the week of 8 January. Thus, the highest net share purchase in 43 weeks was realized.

The stock of non-residents, which was 21 billion 310 million dollars as of 28 October, rose to 22 billion 53.7 million dollars on 5 September.

In the same period, non-residents’ GDDS stocks decreased from 5 billion 472 million dollars to 5 billion 464.6 million dollars, while SIS stocks decreased from 212.7 million dollars to 206 million dollars.

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