Flower Passage (Cicek Pasaji)

Today we will talk about an amazing place in the Beyoglu area. Its name is Flower Passage (Cicek Pasaji). It connects Istiklal and Sahne streets. Originally the passage was called Cité de Péra— – a famous historical passage (gallery or arcade).

Opened in 1876, the Flower Passage is a covered gallery with rows of historical cafes, wine bars, and restaurants.Then the market begins with various shops.

Short History of Cicek Pasaji

On the site of the current Flower Passage, the Nahum Brothers Theater was previously located, which was seriously damaged during a fire in Pera in 1870. The theater was often visited by Sultans Abdul-Aziz and Abdul-Hamid II, where Giuseppe Verdi’s opera “Troubadour” was staged earlier than in the opera houses of Paris.

Russian Revolution of 1917, many impoverished Russian noblewomen, including the Baroness, sold flowers in this passage. By the 1940s, the building was mostly occupied by flower shops, which gave it its current Turkish name Flower Passage.

After the restoration of the building in 1988, the Flower Passage was opened as a gallery of bars and restaurants.

The most recent restoration of the Flower Passage was carried out in December 2005.

At the entrance to the passage, you can see many restaurants of various themes. Ranging from fish restaurants to fast food. Coming to this place, you will definitely not stay hungry.

Further, when passing through, you will see various types of shops. Here you can buy souvenirs, household goods and much more.

Type of Stores in Flower Passage

For example, a store called KayrAda in pavilion number 3. The seller offers a variety of jewelry, oil paintings, national dishes, handmade soap and much more. By going to this store, you will definitely buy something as a gift to yourself or your loved ones.

Also in this passage there is a shop with a large selection of Turkish lamps, against which you can take a lot of photos for Instagram. Tourists from all over the world come for these lamps. After all, they fit perfectly into the interior.

Going a little further, you can find a shop with precious and semi-precious stones, and jewelry made from these stones.

You can read this article Russian language by clicking this link : Цветочный пассаж.

The sellers in this passage speak Turkish, English, and some also know a couple of words in Russian to attract tourists.

Official website of the flower passage is:

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