Flood Killed 15 People in Earthquake Region!

Flood Killed 15 People in Earthquake Region!

The heavy rain that was effective in the earthquake area caused loss of life. In Adıyaman, 2 people lost their lives as a result of the container in the garden being caught in the water. 13 people lost their lives due to flooding in Şanlıurfa. Search and rescue efforts continue for the 5 missing persons. The tent city on the Silvan road in Diyarbakır was evacuated due to rain.

The loss of life increased to 15 in the flood disaster that started in Şanlıurfa and Adıyaman the previous evening and continued uninterruptedly.


As a result of the container set up in a garden in the Tut district of Adıyaman, 2 people lost their lives by being caught in the water, while search and rescue efforts continue for 2 people.


Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, who made investigations in the city, said that a 1.5-year-old child was among those who lost their lives in the flood disaster. Minister Soylu said, “Currently, 10 teams of 163 people are doing search and rescue on a 25-kilometer band, there are also divers. But the weather and conditions do not allow it,” he said.

As a result of the overflow of Eğriçay passing through Adıyaman city center, traffic disruptions occurred on Atatürk Boulevard, and puddles formed on the streets and avenues.



Floods occurred in Şanlıurfa with the effect of heavy rain.

The lifeless bodies of 5 people were found in the apartment in the basement of Yavuzlar Apartment in Tandoğan District. The dead bodies of 5 people, who were reported to be Syrian nationals, were removed from the basement by the teams who went to the region with a notice, and were taken to the morgue of the Forensic Medicine Institute for autopsy.

On the other hand, the light vehicle with license plate 34 BAS 626 was lifted from the Abide Köprülü Junction underpass with the help of a crane. Two bodies were found in the vehicle.


After the lifeless body of 1 person was found at Abide Junction, the loss of life in Şanlıurfa increased to 13.

The identities of 11 people who lost their lives in the flood disaster in Şanlıurfa were determined.

The autopsies of Kibar Polat, Naile Polat, Emine Başbuğ, Muhammed Sabuncu, Ömer Faruk Bayaslan, Halil Çoban, Beyem El Derviş, Futim El Şahir, Zehra El Beyt, Teybe El Derviş and Halit El Derviş, who lost their lives in the flood, continue.



Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced that 60 people in Şanlıurfa and 8 people in Adıyaman were affected by the flood, and their general health conditions are good.

In his statement on his Twitter account, Koca reminded that 12 people lost their lives in Şanlıurfa center and 2 people in Adıyaman due to the flood events that occurred due to heavy rain.

Wishing God’s mercy to those who lost their lives, Koca said, “Once again, they are in great sadness.”

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