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First Music Video Produced With OpenAI Sora Shared

OpenAI's artificial intelligence tool Sora produced a music video for musician August Kamp's song "Worldweight" with images that "never really existed".

OpenAI, one of the world’s leading artificial intelligence companies, has unveiled the first music video created with Sora, a tool that can generate videos up to 1 minute long through written commands.

Sora will be available later this year, according to OpenAI Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati. Although it is not yet known whether it will be paid or free, sample videos produced with Sora and appreciated by those who saw them were shared. A music video has been added to these.

The 8:3 video for musician August Kamp’s song Worldweight is a combination of “non-existent” images created with Sora.

August Kamp has described Sora as a “turning point” for artists and bases his thesis on the fact that the only limitation in visual production is “human imagination”.


He stated that while creating the piece, he imagined what a video representing Worldweight would look like and had difficulty conveying his thoughts to others, but he managed to bring that video to life with OpenAI Sora.

The only unknown details about the video are the commands used to create the clips, or specific details such as how many clips are needed to produce the full 2 minutes and 19 seconds.

Other video production platforms can produce up to three seconds of video for any given clip, and up to 12 seconds with extensions, but they struggle to maintain consistency beyond the first five seconds. Sora has changed this, standing out for its ability to create much longer clips and often multiple coherent shots in each clip. The video in question is estimated to be a series of clips consisting of 2-3 shots.

Finally, Kamp had this to say about the music:

“I feel that this work of art is my absolute heart and soul. I remember how I felt when these notes fell from my hands onto the keys of my synthesizer almost two years ago. I remember how it was raining outside and how lucky I felt to be able to put those feelings into a song.”

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