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Famine Alert in North Korea: Emergency Meeting From Kim Jong-Un

Famine Alert in North Korea: Emergency Meeting From Kim Jong-Un

North Korea is grappling with a growing humanitarian crisis and food shortages. Experts explained that food shortages in the country are exacerbated by international sanctions and Covid-19 lockdowns. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un held an emergency meeting to improve the economy and grow the agricultural sector.

The Labor Party Central Committee meets on maritime issues in North Korea.

According to North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), at a high-level meeting of the ruling Workers Party, party leaders last year reviewed the government’s efforts to reconsider its goals to bring about a “new era of rural revolution.”


The Central Committee meeting, led by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, will reportedly identify “immediate, important tasks” and “immediate consequences” of the current national economic development. It was not specified how long the meeting, which started yesterday, will last.



It was cited for the first time at a party’s plenary meeting solely for discussion of agricultural issues.


In some reports, it was stated that while the spread of the continent was suspected in North Korea, which closed the next border completely with the end of the Kovid-19 epidemic, many people in the country may have died from food patients.


Experts reported that it is difficult to predict the situation because the North has closed its borders, and there is no data on mass deaths from hunger in the country.


Senior economist Kwon Tae-jin from the private GS&J Institute in South Korea shared on February 25 that North Korea with a population of 25 million needs about 5.5 million tons of grain to feed its people, and stated that they generally have grain. It gives a deficit of 1 million tons every year.


Stating that they balanced half of 1 million tons by importing unofficial grain from China to close the deficit, Kwon noted that imports from China may not be possible due to the restrictions on cross-border trade due to the Kovid-19 outbreak.

Famine Alert in North Korea: Emergency Meeting From Kim Jong-Un

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