Facebook Logo Changed: What Does the New Logo Look Like?

Facebook Logo Changed: What Does the New Logo Look Like?

Facebook logo has been renewed. So, what does the renewed logo of the popular social media service look like? Here are the details of the change!

The logo of Facebook, the social media platform that has managed to maintain its popularity all over the world for years, has been changed. There is not a big difference between the logo renewed by Meta and the old logo. The company also made some innovations in the emoji reaction feature and color palette.

What Does Facebook’s Renewed Logo Look Like?

Facebook’s logo, which started to serve many years ago, has been changed many times over time. During this change process, the logo gained a more modern look. Meta has once again renewed the logo of the popular social media platform.

The previous logo featured a color transition from light blue to dark blue. In the new logo, a darker shade of blue was preferred. The letter f on the logo has been slightly changed. The image below shows the old logo on the left and the new logo on the right.

“We wanted to ensure that the refreshed logo is familiar, but also dynamic, polished, and elegant across the app,” Meta wrote in a blog post, noting that each of the new enhancements is an important element of the app’s identity that fits more cohesively into the overall design.

Facebook Logo Changed

Some changes have been made to the ability to react with emoji, a visual way for users to respond to a post, comment or story share. In addition, the color palette has also been slightly updated.

What do you think about the new logo of the social media service? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the new logo with us in the comments section below.

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