Experts Warn: Do Not Touch This Creature’s Dead or Alive!

The poisonous compass jellyfish, whose homeland is the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, was also seen on the shores of Tekirdag after Izmit. While the jellyfish that washed up on the shore aroused concern in the citizens, experts stated that neither dead nor alive should be touched. In case of contact, it should be washed with ammonia or vinegar and notified to health institutions.

Poisonous compass jellyfish (chrysaora hysoscella), whose natural habitats are in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, started to be seen in the Marmara Sea due to the warming of the seas and pollution with the increasing air temperatures. Jellyfish, which can be in red, brown and yellow colors and have arms up to 1.5 meters in length, aroused concern in the citizens.


Experts stated that neither the dead nor the living body of the compass jellyfish should be touched, and emphasized that in case of contact, it should be washed with ammonia or vinegar and the health institutions should be notified.


Trying to closely examine the poisonous jellyfish, Ayhan Erdem said, “There are some ahead. I’ve seen 4-5 of them. They come towards the shore. After that, they go back. It’s a bit poisonous, I guess we are afraid to go into the sea. We look closely, but if we get close and touch it, it is dangerous, there is nothing if you don’t touch it.”


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