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EU, Preparation To Run “Digital Driver’s License”

EU, Preparation To Run “Digital Driver’s License”

The European Union (EU) Commission has prepared a proposal for the digitization of the driver’s licenses of vehicle drivers within the borders of the union.

Commissioner for Transport Adina Valean announced the recommendations prepared after the meeting of the EU Commission members on road safety.

Among the recommendations of the commission is the transition to the “digital driver’s license”, which is stated to be implemented for the first time in the world. According to the proposal, a digital system will be introduced that will facilitate the mutual recognition of driving licenses between EU members.

Digital Driver's License

When digital licenses become available, they will be accessible from a mobile phone or other digital device and will be valid throughout the EU. Minimum requirements for digitizing driver’s licenses within the EU will be determined later.

After the harmonization process to be determined, the licenses will be completely digitized. In addition to the digital driver’s license, those who wish will be able to get a printed driver’s license on the card.

Digital Driver's License


The process of renewing or changing digital licenses will be much faster and easier online.

The digital system will also make it easier for people from non-EU countries to change their license to drive within the borders of the union. It will be determined later in which countries the licenses obtained will be valid in the EU and whether additional exams or training are required.

A period of 4 years is foreseen for the transition to a digital driver’s license. The EU Commission aims for the digital transition rules to be adopted within 18 months from the adoption of the proposal.

In order for the EU Commission’s proposal to become law, it must also be accepted by the member states and the European Parliament.

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