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EU Council President to Zelensky: “You Can Trust Us”

Charles Michel, President of the European Council, met with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev, where he came to hold talks. Expressing that they support Ukraine’s territorial integrity as the EU, Michel said, “You can trust the European Union. We will continue our unwavering support, we will always be by your side.”
Charles Michel, President of the European Union (EU) Council, visited the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.

A joint press conference was held after the bilateral and inter-delegation meetings held in the Ukrainian Presidential Palace in Kiev.

Zelensky thanked Michel for making contacts in his country.

“Arms Aid to Ukraine Should Be Continued”

Pointing out that the war against Russia continues in Ukraine, Zelensky stated that he gave detailed information to Michel about the latest developments on the front.

Zelenskiy said that arms aid to Ukraine should be continued and said:

“This (arms aid) is very important. The sooner the necessary decisions are taken directly by some leaders in Europe on the supply of defense to our fighters, the Ukrainian soldiers, the more reliably we will be able to guarantee the safety of our people and all Europeans.”

Zelenskiy stated that while waiting for the delivery of tanks to Ukraine from some EU countries, they are also engaged in the production of weapons with their own means, “We personally expect the support of partners in Ukraine, but at the same time we trust our own strength and therefore we are engaged in related production.” said.

“You Can Trust The European Union”

In his speech, Zelensky invited EU countries to impose more severe sanctions against Russia’s energy resources.

Expressing their support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity as the EU, Michel said, “You can trust the European Union. We will continue our unwavering support, we will always be with you because we share a common dream.” he said.

Expressing that Ukraine needs weapon aid today, Michel noted that EU countries are helping Ukraine with the supply of heavy weapons.

“As the EU, We Have Implemented 9 Sanction Packages Against Russia”

Stating that the advancing process could be decisive in the Russia-Ukraine war, Michel used the following statements:

“Recently, Ukraine has been buying heavy weapons and air defense systems. I think this should be continued. We want to support you in this, because maybe the next weeks will be decisive in this war. That’s why such decisions are needed.”

Reminding that the EU has implemented 9 sanctions packages against Russia before, Michel noted that they continue to work on the continuation of the sanctions, especially in the energy field, and said, “I can confirm that we have started consultations on a possible tenth package of sanctions and that we have decided to apply energy sanctions in particular.” he said.

Reminding that Ukraine’s integration process with the EU continues, Michel said that as the EU, they continue to provide support to the Ukrainian side in this process.

Noting that the EU-Ukraine Summit will be held in the coming weeks, Michel said that the issue of Ukraine’s integration with the EU will also be discussed at this summit.

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