Ethereum Founder’s Tragicomic Earthquake Donation Returned

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin donated 1 ETH (Approximately $1,500) to AHBAP’s crypto wallet. Digital artist Murat Pak returned this small donation to Buterin.

Haluk Levent, the founder of the AHBAP Association, shared crypto wallet addresses for those who want to make earthquake donations with crypto money from home and abroad. Thanks to the open structure of blockchain technology, it can be seen which wallet owner donates to these accounts and how much.

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, the largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin by volume, donated only 1 ETH to the crypto wallet shared by AHBAP. This donation, worth around $1,500, was found ridiculous by the cryptocurrency community. Turkish investors react to Vitalik Buterin on Twitter.

Digital artist Murat Pak collects aid for earthquake victims with the NFTs he has created. Murat Pak, who found the 1 ETH donation made by Vitalik Buterin to AHBAP low, sent back 1 ETH to Buterin’s crypto wallet. He also shared the link of the transfer process and dropped the note “Returned”.

As of the time we prepared the news, $2.35 million was donated to three different crypto wallets shared by AHBAP. You can follow the donations live from the links below.




Update: Vitalik Buterin Donated

Vitalik Buterin sent another 99 ETH to AHBAP’s crypto wallet after the backlash. With this donation, which was sent on February 11 at 08:49, Buterin made a total donation of 153 thousand dollars.

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