Electric Lancia Ypsilon Features, Price And Release Date

Lancia is returning to the sector with the electric Ypsilon after years. Details about the features and price of the fully electric car are in this article!

The official presentation of Lancia’s new electric car Ypsilon was made recently. After a 13-year hiatus, visuals of the model developed by the brand within Stellantis were shared.

The model, which currently only has a 100% electric version, is expected to be released in the near future with mild hybrid options. Among the main issues that car lovers are curious about are the technical specifications and price of the vehicle.

Lancia Ypsilon Features

The vehicle is 4.08 meters long, 1.76 meters wide and 1.44 meters high. It weighs 1584 kg. We can say that the main detail that attracts attention in the exterior design is the LED light band that extends along its length.

In addition to this light signature, the vertical air intakes on the front bumper, round taillights and headlamps stand out. It is noteworthy that the brand name is written in large letters on the front hood instead of the logo used on older models.

The Y-shape is used on the rims and taillights. The rear door handles are hidden behind the C-pillar. The appearance of the trunk spoiler and rear diffuser gives the vehicle a sporty style.

When we look at the interior, we see the adjacent screen design. This screen, which belongs to the infotainment system, measures 10.25 inches in size. There are also physical buttons on the console for climate control.

The velvet seats in dark blue tones and some rounded details with leather covers give the car a distinctive style. The velvet seats are electric and offer extra features such as heating and massage.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support is an important detail. There is a wireless charging unit for cell phones. The interior design is enriched with ambient lighting and a quality sound system.

The all-electric version features a 154 hp electric motor on the front axle. The torque value of this motor is 260 Nm. There is a 51 kWh battery pack. At this point, the vehicle is very similar to the Opel e-corsa and Peugeot e-208.

According to WLTP, the range of the vehicle is calculated as 403 km. The vehicle consumes approximately 14.3 – 14.6 kWh of energy per 100 km, and the filling time from 20% to 80% with DC charging is stated as 24 minutes.

The vehicle offers features such as keyless start and wireless charging, and is equipped with a special system called SALA. This system is a voice assistant that works like the iPhone’s Siri and performs tasks such as voice controls, adjusting the air conditioning and reducing or increasing the lighting in the vehicle.

To do this, the ChatGPT-powered SALA Hub is used. Other features include a 360-degree camera, lane keeping assist, and level 2 autonomous driving between 30-150 km/h. In addition, features such as adaptive chassis control and 17-inch wheels are also available in Ypsilon.

Lancia Ypsilon Price

Although there is no exact information about the price at which the vehicle will be offered for sale, it is useful to share some expectations. First of all, based on the sales price of vehicles that seem to be equivalent abroad, there is an expectation of 45,000 Euros for Ypsilon.

If we think about Turkey, the sales price of this vehicle could be around 1,700,000 TL when taxes are included. However, as we mentioned at the beginning, these are just expectations.

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