Earthquake retrofitting works started at Galata Bridge

Earthquake retrofitting works started at Galata Bridge

New Galata Bridge was closed to traffic within the scope of preparation works for a possible Istanbul earthquake. Within the scope of the works, expansion joints, asphalt and insulation layer of the bridge will be renewed. The retrofitting works on the bridge will take 40 days in total, in the first and second stages.

Built in 1994, the 490 metre long and 42 metre wide New Galata Bridge was closed to traffic for earthquake retrofitting and asphalt renewal works by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB). After 29 years, “Joint Replacement and Asphalt Renewal Construction” works have started within the scope of the retrofitting.

Galata Bridge

In the first stage of the work, which is planned to last 40 days, the Karaköy-Eminönü direction was closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic for 20 days. In the second stage of the work, where the tram passage will not be interrupted, Eminönü-Karaköy direction will be closed to traffic and traffic will be provided from alternative routes.

Galata Bridge


In the information given about the renovation works, “With the planned works, repair and renovation works will be carried out on the damaged expansion joints that have completed their structural life on the bridge. It was determined that the asphalt repairs carried out in the past on the retractable steel decks of the bridge caused excessive weight on the pressure system (retractable system), thus creating problems. With the work to be carried out, this unnecessary weight on the retractable steel decks will be removed. In addition, trinidad asphalt, which is suitable for the steel bridge deck and does not melt in the sun, will be manufactured. Within the scope of the work, the existing insulation layer protecting the bridge against sea and rain water, which has completed its technical life over the years, will be removed and renewed. With the works to be carried out, the technical and operational life of the New Galata Bridge will be extended and its resistance against a possible earthquake will be increased.”

Galata Bridge


During the 20-day first stage works, vehicles travelling from Karaköy to Eminönü will be directed from Karaköy to Tersane Street, following Atatürk Bridge and then to Eminönü via Unkapanı Junction and Ragıp Gümüşpala Street. In the second stage works, which will start later and will last for 20 days, vehicles travelling from Eminönü to Karaköy will be directed from Eminönü to Ragıp Gümüşpala Street, following the Unkapanı Junction, Atatürk Bridge and Tersane Street to Karaköy direction. Tram services will not be affected by the works. Bus services will be carried out on temporary routes.

Galata Bridge


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