Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge (tur. Galata Köprüsü) is a bridge that is located in Istanbul and passes through the Golden Horn Bay. It is located opposite the New Mosque.

The bridge has two levels, on the first there are restaurants, a walking area, and  on the second level the bridge is used for its intended purpose as a car and tram zone.

The length of the bridge is 484 m, the width is 42 m, the central part of the bridge is 80 m long — adjustable.

Galata Bridge can be considered not only as a means of moving from one end of the city to another, but also as an ornament and attraction of the city.

A short history of the bridge

The first known bridge over the Golden Horn Bay was built during the reign of Emperor Justinian, the bridge was located in the area of Theodosius Walls.

During the capture of Constantinople in 1453, in order to transfer troops from one side of the bay to the other, the Turks assembled a floating bridge, placing their ships close to each other.

In 1502-1503, during the reign of Sultan Bayezid II, projects of bridges across the bay were considered, one of the projects was developed by Leonardo da Vinci. The project provided for the construction of a bridge with a length of 240 m and a width of 24 m, which at that time was grandiose. Another project was developed by Michelangelo. But the projects were not destined to become reality.

At the beginning of the XIX century, during the reign of Sultan Mahmud II, in 1836 a pontoon bridge with a length of about 500-540 m was built across the bay, it was located west of the modern Galata Bridge.

The first level of the bridge

As we said before, the Galata Bridge has two levels, the first one houses restaurants. Our advice to you is to CAREFULLY read the prices and remember the menu.

As soon as you take a step to transition, active employees in all languages of the world will invite you to visit their restaurant and promise discounts. Prices in restaurants are very high, so be careful.

Geolocation and what’s near

The bridge divides 2 parts of Istanbul: the old and the new. The bridge offers an incredible view of the Bosphorus.

You can get from one side if you walk from Taksim Square along Istiklal Street, then at the end of the street you can walk to the bridge. From Sultanahmet Square to Galata Bridge, you can also walk or take a tram. From the Asian part, you can independently get by ferry to Eminenyu pier or take the metro to Sirkeci station.

Near the Galata Bridge, on the side of Istiklal Street, there is a huge choice of real Turkish street food: fish in pita (Balık Ekmek), mussels with lemon, as well as roasted chestnuts.

If you are afraid to try street food, then on the same side there is a huge selection of various restaurants with an incredible panorama of the bridge and the Bosphorus.

There is only one conclusion, it is worth seeing once than hearing 10 times. The bridge is unforgettable both in daylight and in the light of night lights. When visiting Istanbul, we advice you  to walk over the bridge or enjoy the view of it.

You can read this Article in Russian language: Галатский мост

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