Don’t Return From Ankara Without Visiting Anıtkabir(Ataturk’s Tomb)!

The museum was opened on 21 June 1960 under the name of Anıtkabir Atatürk Museum. In line with the project prepared by the Anıtkabir Command in 2001, it was decided to add an area of ​​approximately 3 thousand square meters with columns under the hall of honor where Atatürk’s mausoleum is located. With this project, the museum has reached an exhibition area of ​​5200 square meters. The name of the museum, which was opened on August 26, 2002 with the newly added sections, was Atatürk and the War of Independence Museum.

The museum consists of four main sections. In the first part, Atatürk’s belongings, gifts and clothes are exhibited. In addition, Atatürk’s medals and insignia, as well as Atatürk’s belongings donated to the museum by his adopted sons A. Afet Inan, Rukiye Erkin and Sabiha Gökçen, are also exhibited in the museum.

In the second part, there are panoramas and oil paintings describing the Battle of Çanakkale, the Battle of Sakarya and the Great Offensive. These panoramas are wrapped in a three-dimensional effect with another space arranged in front of them. The war objects and models used in the arrangements in this three-dimensional space, and the places where the wars were fought and the period were revived in accordance with their originality. With this technique, which is applied for the first time in Turkey, the museum tries to make the visitors feel the difficulties experienced on the way to the foundation of the Turkish Republic.

In the third section, there are galleries where the National Struggle and revolutions are explained, and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk‘s burial chamber. In this section, the events related to the Atatürk period between 1919-1938 are explained with explanations in Turkish and English.

In the fourth section, there is the Atatürk Private Library, where 3,123 books in Mustafa Kemal Atatürk‘s library are exhibited. Computers with documents related to the construction of Anıtkabir, Atatürk’s life and the ceremonies held in Anıtkabir are also included in this section.

Inside the Mîsâk-ı Milli Tower, which is the entrance to the museum, there is a relief consisting of four hands placed one above the other on the sword hilt. The relief expresses the nation’s oath to save the Turkish Homeland. It is the work of Nusret Suman. Atatürk’s concise words about the National Treaty are written on the walls of the tower. In the middle of the tower, there is a signing platform for the delegations participating in the ceremonies held in Anıtkabir to sign the special book.

Transportation is carried out by public transportation vehicles running in the direction of Anıt Street-Tandoğan.

Anıtkabir, which is open to visitors every day of the year, has 3 periods in which visitor hours change.

From 1 February to 14 May from 09.00 to 16.30
From 15 May to 31 October between 09.00-17.00
Anıtkabir is open to visitors between 09:00 and 16:00 between November 1st and January 31st.

If you want to visit Anıtkabir virtually, you can visit this link;

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