Dog Gives Birth Under the Debris

Dog Gives Birth Under the Debris

The 7-storey Doğan Apartment, where pharmacy technician Kadir Keyifli and her family lived, was destroyed in the earthquake that occurred on February 6 in Gazi District.

Keyifli and his family, living on the 6th floor, were rescued from the wreckage. However, the 2.5-year-old Doberman female dog ‘Şila’, which Keyifli kept in the basement of the apartment, was left under the rubble.

Although Pleasant sought help from the teams who came to save her pregnant dog, the research was inconclusive.

Dog Gives Birth Under the Debris


Kadir Keyifli, who was waiting under the rubble on March 6, saw the Angels Life Village Association (MEYAKO) teams who came to the region to help.

Two members of the team, who did not refuse Keyifli’s request for help, reached the part where Şila was trapped through the gaps between the debris after long struggles.

When the teams reached Şila, they saw that she had given birth and had 3 cubs with her. Şila and her cubs were rescued from the wreckage alive. Şila and her puppies, brought to Adana by MEYAKO teams, were treated at the veterinary clinic.

Birth Under the Debris


Kadir Keyifli, who came to Adana with teams for the treatment of his dogs, stated that he suffered greatly in the earthquake and that they lost 5 neighboring families.

Birth Under the Debris

Stating that she never gave up on Şila, Keyifli said, “We tried to save my dog ​​for days. No one dared to enter there. Finally, the MEYAKO employees braved and donated our puppy to us. I thank them very much. “I can lift it above my head. But it will be fine. A miracle happened. After 29 days he survived. There was a lunch box nearby. He was able to eat little by little. He was born too. All three beautiful puppies survived. I feel like my hands and feet have melted. Şila is mine.” It was a source of hope.” he said.

Birth Under the Debris

Veterinarian Koray Kürklü, who took care of the dogs, said that Şila lost a lot of fluid in her body, her internal organs were damaged, and they would do their best for her and her puppies’ health.

Birth Under the Debris

Dog Gives Birth Under the Debris

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