Does Your Life Flash Before Your Eyes At The Moment Of Death?

Does Your Life Flash Before Your Eyes At The Moment Of Death?

For the first time, scientists have recorded the brain activity of a deceased person, according to a new study. It has been found that brain functions work in the same way as a person who dreams or meditates at the time of death. Researchers have said that our life could flash before our eyes before we die.

Scientists have recorded for the first time the brain activity of a dying person.

According to the BBC’s report, scientists examined the brain activity of the 87-year-old epilepsy patient, thanks to Electroencephalography (EEG), recorded when he died after a heart attack.



Scientists have found that the brain of a deceased person performs the same activities as a human brain that “dreams, remembers the past, or meditates.”

While it was revealed that the brain activities of the person who died at the age of 87 continued for 15 minutes, it was noted that this development paved the way for what happened at the time of death.


From the research team, Dr. Ajmal Zemmar pointed out that before a person’s death, the brain is able to remember the last time important moments in a person’s life.


Zemmar pointed out that brain activity can change perceptions about when life will end and the timing of organ donation.

The results of the research were published in the journal Frontiers in the Neuroscience of Aging.

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