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Discovery From NASA That Made History! Looks Like the World

NASA has discovered two rocky exoplanets notable for their resemblance to Earth. In the statement made by NASA, it was stated that the planets are 33 light-years away and it is one of the closest rocky exoplanets ever found using the Transition Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS).

In the Top 10 of All Discoveries

“These two planets are among the top 10 candidates for atmospheric characterization (among all terrestrial exoplanets ever discovered),” said Pat Brennan, Investigator of NASA’s Exoplanet Discovery Institute. used the phrase. Stating that the temperatures of the planets prevent research, Brennan emphasized that the James Webb Space Telescope will play an important role in exoplanet research.


1.2 Times the Size of the Earth

The discovered planet “HD 260655 b” was 1.2 times the size of Earth and 1.5 times the planet “HD 260655 c”, while both were recorded orbiting the red dwarf star HD 260655. It is estimated at 816 degrees Fahrenheit, while “planet C” is estimated at 543 degrees Fahrenheit.

30% Gas

According to the data shared by NASA on its website, the number of exoplanets discovered and confirmed so far has reached 5 thousand 44. 30% of confirmed exoplanets are gas giants. Planets composed of gas, such as Jupiter or Saturn, are in this class. Planets orbiting stars outside the Solar System are called exoplanets.

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