Dilek Peninsula Buyuk Menderes Delta National Park

Dilek Peninsula Buyuk Menderes Delta National Park

While Büyük Menderes Delta is an internationally important “Class A Wetland”; Dilek Peninsula is important in terms of containing elements from the Mediterranean – European Siberian Flora Region. Due to this unique diversity, Dilek Peninsula and Büyük Menderes Delta National Park is an area recognized as “Flora Biogenetic Reserve” by the Council of Europe and is under protection. Büyük Menderes Delta is a wetland part integrated with Lake Bafa. Although this integrated system is of international importance due to the biodiversity, endangered species and endemic species, it is one of the most important living areas for migratory birds. The delta is also the spawning ground for marine fish. Dilek Peninsula is the one of Turkey’s most scenic coastal clean. Sea meadows, which are an indication that the sea is clean, are found around the peninsula. These beaches also constitute a natural habitat for Mediterranean Monk Seals, one of Europe’s rarest mammal species. The peninsula is the last point where the Anatolian Leopard, which is supposed to be extinct, lives in the west. It has been determined that approximately 250 bird species live in the delta, which belongs to 95 families and 30 endemic species, and 70 species of them breed. Although the peninsula is located in the Mediterranean flora region, there are also a significant number of European-Siberian group species. Sportive angling and bird watching are carried out on the discharge channel and the Büyük Menderes river in the Büyük Menderes Delta section. Located within the borders of the National Park; Cultural tours are organized to the historical Old Doğanbey Village (Domatia), which is an open-air museum that exhibits the best examples of Panionion, Zeus Cave, Greek and Turkish architecture, Ancient City of Tebai in the area of Eski Şaraphane and the Ancient Cities of Priene and Milet near the National Park.


Dilek Peninsula Büyük Menderes Delta National Park is located between Aydın’s Kuşadası and Söke districts. It is necessary to follow the Güzelçamlı Neighborhood of Kuşadası for the entrance of the Dilek Peninsula to the national park, which has two different entrances, and the road to Söke, Doğanbeyli village for the delta entrance.

Apart from the highway, the closest airport to the national park, which can be reached by air, is in Izmir. Those who want to go to the national park from Izmir can use buses and minibuses moving from the bus station in Bornova district to Kuşadası.

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