Dilan Polat has Lupus disease

Dilan Polat, who had a hard time due to the allegations against her, got Lupus disease. Talking about her unbearable pain, Polat also said that there is no cure for the disease.

Dilan Polat, who has recently been accused of money laundering and tax evasion with her husband Engin Polat, was caught with Lupus disease. The famous name, who talked about her illness by crying, said that there is no cure and that she has unbearable pain.


Dilan Polat, who shared the test result on her Instagram account, said, “I learned that I have positive Lupus. I knew I was sick, I felt that I was sick. I had to have regular cortisone and analysis. I have a long road ahead of me. God help me, I cannot walk because of my pain.”


Polat, who later shared a photo of himself crying, said, “I have a heart like a butterfly. I knew I had butterfly disease in my body, I knew it from my pain, and the pain that occasionally hit my kidneys started to bother me. How important human health is. Stress and sadness is a big problem for our body. I won’t tell you not to stress because I know you can’t help it, but refer everyone who brings you to these levels to Allah. Allah is very big. It is not a curable disease, they can only suppress it. It is in the body for life. Now I am very confused, my body hurts, it hurts a lot, I have unbearable pain. I hope it will be under control and I hope my pain will go away. I love you very much. Take care of yourself in very good health.”


Lupus, popularly known as butterfly disease, is a hereditary and rheumatic disease that occurs with butterfly-shaped red rashes on the face.

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