Digital Taxi Application ‘TAKSİM’ Has Been Used For Taxis In Istanbul

It is predicted that a solution can be found to the frequently complained taxi problem of Istanbul with the ‘TAKSİM’ application. “Passengers also have the feature to rate taxi drivers, so it is aimed to ensure that passengers have a safer journey,” said the President of the Taxi Drivers’ Chamber of Commerce.

‘TAKSİM’, the mobile payment and taxi calling application of the Istanbul Taxi Professionals’ Chamber, was launched.

To application users; It offers services such as calling a taxi to the current location, secure credit card payment, choosing a yellow-turquoise-black taxi, and a driver scoring system.

Anatolian Side taxis and European Side taxis are directed to locations suitable for their region and directions with the application’s routing system.


The TAKSİM application can be downloaded from the mobile application markets on smartphones with Android and IOS operating systems as of today.

The center of the application, which is stated to be developed locally and nationally, is located in the ITEO building in Seyrantepe.

Eyüp Aksu, President of Istanbul Taxi Professionals Chamber, who introduced the application, said:

Pre-Travel Cost Can Be Seen

“With the innovative features it offers to its customers, TAKSİM makes the taxi experience of those traveling in Istanbul easy, safe and enjoyable. By using the TAKSİM application, passengers have a safe and easy-to-use platform to call a taxi and pay with their credit cards. By entering the application, they can see the taximeter fare in advance. In this way, they can act in a more planned way by knowing the cost in advance before starting their journey.”

The Driver Will Be Rated

Among the innovations offered by TAKSİM, there is also the feature of the passengers to rate taxi drivers. In this way, high-rated drivers receive calls first and passengers are allowed to travel with the highest-rated drivers. Thus, it is aimed both to increase the performance of the drivers and to ensure that the passengers have a safer journey.

The Vehicle Suitable for the Customer’s Demand Will Come

Stating that yellow, turquoise and luxury taxis can be selected on the application, Aksu continued as follows:

“Passengers can make a comfortable journey by specifying their destination via the application, without having to deal with address directions. In addition, with the TAKSİM application, the most suitable taxis are matched between the Anatolian or European side taxis according to the direction of the passengers. Thus, by sending vehicles that meet the demands of customers, energy and resource savings are achieved. This ensures the adoption of an environmentally friendly transportation model, while helping to increase the overall efficiency of the taxi ecosystem.”

“TAKSİM helps drivers earn more”

Aksu said, “TAKSİM stands out as the application that offers the lowest commission fee to drivers. TAKSİM, which was implemented in cooperation with the Istanbul Chamber of Taxi Drivers, helps drivers earn more. While the TAKSİM application transforms the taxi experience of those traveling in Istanbul, it also contributes to the technological development of Turkey as a domestic technology company. Prepared for Android and iOS supported devices, TAKSİM can be downloaded from application markets. he said.

Rude Behavior And Not Turning on the Taximeter…

Expressing that the application is different from the others, Aksu said:

“First, the data information of all the journeys made can be given by the passenger at any time. The date, route and the price paid. Secondly, lost items are found more quickly with this application. Third, there is a reward and punishment system. Passengers give points to the taxi driver at the end of their journey. “If there is behavior, not turning on the taximeter, or the vehicle’s cleaning problem or problems caused by different drivers, it gives a low score. When traveling, that driver is not preferred. The driver is kind of pacified.”

More Passengers to High-Score Drivers

“If necessary, they are dismissed from the profession. Rewarding is done by assigning more passengers to drivers with high scores. There are no campaigns in other applications, we make campaigns in our application. The aim is to solve the problem of finding a taxi with the TAKSİM application and to minimize the problem of taxi travel. We are a commercial enterprise with the TAKSİM application. “We are not, other applications are commercial enterprises. We do not see it as a commercial enterprise here. It is a domestic and national application. The commission to be taken by the driver will be very, very less compared to other applications.”

10 Thousand Taxi Drivers Discharged 6 Thousand Passengers

It was learned that in the first hour, approximately 10 thousand taxi drivers and 6 thousand passengers downloaded the TAKSİM application to their mobile phones.

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