Did You Try Paragliding in Fethiye ?

Oludeniz is a small town with an attracting natural atmosphere, near the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and it has 15 km. distance to Fethiye city center. The famous Blue Lagoon, while participating in the UNESCO list of world heritage and reflect the image of Turkey’s coast.

The first choice of those who want to look at the world-famous beauty of Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, feel the turquoise sea under your feet and live the unique geography with an exciting activity. Of course the activity is paragliding.  Every year, more than 100 thousand flights are made in the Babadağ region of Fethiye, which is shown as one of the best paragliding centers in the world. Oludeniz, made as a single point of 1900 meters from the sea landing has been one of Turkey’s leading paragliding center. The bird’s eye view of the legendary panorama of Ölüdeniz offers an indescribable experience.

There are 4 different paragliding tracks in Babadağ region with a height of 1200, 1700, 1800 and 1960 meters. Each of these tracks has a different wind direction. The instructors decide to take off from the runway, which is right according to the wind conditions. Usually everyone thinks they jump off the cliff while paragliding, but it is not so. Paragliding starts with the trainer’s and passenger’s slow departure from the slope by walking or running according to the wind conditions.

In the rest of our article, you can find all of the details about Fethiye Oludeniz region, which many people are curious about, and this exciting paragliding experience.

Is Paragliding Safe ?

It is one of the most asked questions for people who will try paragliding for the first time. In paragliding, which is a very low-risk sport, rarely news such as fatal events can be occurred. A long and difficult training must be completed for the individual paragliding. Most of the flights causing the accident are due to people trying to fly alone and without adequate training.

The most important point is to choose the right company that provides paragliding services. It is important to look at references, request certificates and documents. Flight experience and training of companies with professional teams is quite high. In this way, they destroy the psychological pressure on you. Some people give up during the separation of the parachute, thus resisting the trainer and endangering flight safety. Such risks are always present.

Is it Possible to Take Photos on Sky ?

Of course, it’s forbidden. In the past, such equipment was prohibited due to accidents. This rule is strictly stated in the Flight Requirements Directive. Carried by the instructor during the flight, GoPro is a sufficient tool for beautiful photo frames. Since the instructors know how and how beautiful the photo will take, it would be best to leave the photo and video work to them.

Is there a Length, Weight and Age Limit in Paragliding?

The maximum weight limit for men is 110 kg and for women 90 kg. For flights without a minimum weight limit, restrictions may vary depending on the situation assessment. The maximum limit for the height is 2 meters. In addition, children under 4 years old and pregnant women are not admitted to paragliding.

How Long Is The Paragliding Time?

The average flight time in Babadağ is approximately 25 minutes. Depending on the intensity of acrobatic movements and the agreement made before the flight, up to 15 minutes of flight time can be added.

What should be worn during the flight?

Sneakers and sunglasses should be with you during paragliding. In addition, the choice of shorts or pants is left at the discretion of the person to fly. It is not recommended for women to wear skirts during the flight.

Where to Make Paragliding Landing?

Belcekız Beach is the last stop of paragliding. In the recreation area located right next to the beach, a landing point is reserved for paragliding. A safe landing is made according to the instructor’s instructions. The flight process is completed with the help of employees waiting on the ground.

What is the Price of Paragliding in Fethiye?

If you want to do paragliding in Fethiye, you should first know that you will get flight service from companies that provide paragliding services in Ölüdeniz, Belcekız coast. According to the flight schedule, you will be taken from Ölüdeniz to Babadağ with the transfer service of the company. Dobule paragliding activity price varies between 250 and 300 dollars on average, and no professional training is required for the flight. In addition, a fee of 80 to 100 dollars is required for photo and video recording. Of course, the price range can be changed during different seasons.

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