Did Ukrainian Model Anastasia Lenna Join the Ukrainian Army Against Russia?

In a Facebook post on March 1, 2022, it was claimed that Anastasia Lenna, who represented Ukraine at the 2015 Miss Grand International Beauty Pageant, joined the Ukrainian army.

Did Ukrainian Model Join the Army as a result of Russian Attacks?

With Russia’s military operation to Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the photo of Anastasia Lenna, who represented Ukraine at the Miss Grand International Beauty Contest in 2015, began to be shared on social media with the claim that the model joined the Ukrainian army. When the photo in the claim is searched backwards, Lenna’s Instagram account is reached. Lenna posted the photo with the caption “22.02.2022 🇺🇦 #standwithukraine #handsoffukraine” on February 22, 2022, two days before Russia entered Ukraine. Lenna posted a statement on her Instagram account on February 28, 2022, regarding her alleged enlistment in the military. Anastasia Lenna said in a statement, “I am not a soldier, I am just a woman, I am just a normal person. I am just a human being, like all the people of my country. I’ve been an airsoft player for years. The photos on my profile are for inspiring people. “I’m not making any propaganda other than showing that our Ukrainian women are strong and confident,” she said.

When Lenna’s Instagram account is examined, many photos taken while playing the airsoft game played with bead guns similar to paintball can be accessed.

Anastasia Lenna is a Recognizable Figure in Turkey

The Ukrainian model, whose full name is Anastasia Samoletova Lenna, is also a well-known name in Turkey. It is possible to come across Turkey posts on the official Instagram account of Lenna, who has lived in Turkey for over five years. Lenna, who has also participated in various television programs in Turkey, also took part in the TV series Cherry Season.

Claim is FALSE

In the post made by a Facebook account, it was claimed that the Ukrainian model Anastasia Lenna had joined the Ukrainian army against Russia, citing the photo of her holding a gun. Lenna, in a statement on February 28, 2022, stated that he did not join the army, and that the photos were taken during a game called “airsoft”.

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