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Developed Artificial Intelligence Detecting ChatGPT: DetectGPT

OpenAI’s viral artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT has started to be used in almost every field. However, the researchers announced DetectGPT, which can detect ChatGPT.

Although we are still at the beginning of 2023, we can already see that artificial intelligence will be the trend of this year. On the other hand, OpenAI’s ChatGPT product, which has become viral, remains on the agenda. There were even those who passed their college exams and assignments using ChatGPT. Therefore, systems that detect machine-generated text are now needed. Developed for this purpose, DetectGPT will detect text produced by artificial intelligence.

DetectGPT Detects ChatGPT

A research team at Stanford has announced a method called DetectGPT, which aims to combat “generated texts” used at the higher education level. We can actually think of it as Anti-ChatGPT. DetectGPT is based on a methodology that takes advantage of the unique properties of text produced by major language models.

The DetectGPT method does not rely on training an AI or collecting large datasets to compare text. This method, called “zero shot”, allows DetectGPT to detect machine-typed text without any knowledge of the artificial intelligence used to create it. So this method is directly related to the characteristic of the text produced by artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Detection Systems Needed

We can say that DetectGPT and similar systems, which do not require any additional data or training, are becoming a necessity of today. As the use of major language models continues to increase, the importance of relevant systems for perceiving machine-generated text will become increasingly critical. While DetectGPT is a promising approach that could have a significant impact in many areas, its scope is somewhat limited. Because we started to encounter artificial intelligence products not only as text but also visually and audibly. Of course, these technologies are not developed for a bad purpose, but there will always be those who want to use them in this direction. Systems such as DetectGPT can benefit from this.

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