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Dengue fever cases exceed 73 thousand in Peru

It was reported that dengue fever cases in Peru, a South American country, exceeded 73,000. 80 people died due to the disease.

Peruvian Health Minister Rosa Gutierrez announced that they have allocated a budget of 10 million dollars to combat dengue fever.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health, the number of denguefever cases reached 73 thousand, while 80 people died.

The government announced that it extended the state of emergency in 226 districts for another 4 months due to the disease.

It was noted that hospital occupancy rates in some parts of Peru increased significantly due to dengue fever.

A health emergency was declared in 13 regions on February 25 due to the increase in denguefever cases in the country.

dengue fever

Dengue Fever

Dengue virus is transmitted to humans through mosquitoes. The disease, which usually causes mild fever after the incubation period, can be fatal in some cases.

Cases increase in June, September, December and March, commonly known as the “rainy seasons”.

Scientists warn that high temperatures and prolonged rainfall are causing an increase in mosquitoes that carry malaria and denguefever.

It is stated that since the mosquito species that causes the disease creates larvae in the puddles, especially in industrial environments, garbage puddles should be constantly sprayed.

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