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%80 deadly virus has been developed in the USA: A new epidemic may occur!

US scientists created a new virus by adding the Virgo protein of the Omicron variant to the Wuhan strain of coronavirus. While concerns emerged that the virus, which is 80 percent more deadly, could cause a new global epidemic, Israeli scientists called for it to be banned.

A new virus that is 80 percent deadly has been developed in the USA. This news, which worried the scientific world, was announced to the readers of the British Daily Mail newspaper, “This is officially playing with fire”.

80 percent fatal

Boston University scientists have come under criticism for creating a deadly new strain of Covid in a lab. In the news reflected in the British press, US scientists developed an 80 percent deadly virus in a study on mice.

US scientists created a hybrid virus by combining the Wuhan strain of coronavirus and the Virgo protein of the Omicron variant. While the claims that the coronavirus pandemic has arisen due to a virus produced in the laboratory have not yet been clarified, the dangerous dilemma of US scientists has caused reactions.

In his statement on the subject, Israeli Professor Shmuel Shapira said that this is playing with fire and that it should be ‘totally banned’.

In the news in the newspaper, it was stated that this was done not only in the USA, but also in China, but it was restricted in the USA in 2017.

It was stated that the main reason for the production of more deadly variations of the virus is to prevent a new epidemic.

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