Danger of evaporation in Istanbul’s dams

Danger of evaporation in Istanbul’s dams

In Istanbul, the water in the dams in the mega city is evaporating due to the temperature rising above seasonal norms in the summer months. The heat wave around the Sazlıbosna Dam was reflected in the images captured on camera.

According to Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (ISKI) data, the overall occupancy rate of the dams in the city fell to 31.25 percent, the lowest level in the last 9 years.

The dams, which face the danger of drought due to the summer months without precipitation, are expected to have record evaporation due to air temperatures.

Istanbul's dams

According to experts, tens of thousands of tons of dam water evaporates every day in Istanbul due to hot weather and high humidity.

In the images recorded at Sazlıdere Dam, how the heat wave was effective was reflected in the images taken on camera.

Due to the falling water level around the dam, the wastes left at the bottom are coming to the surface. No cleaning work is being done around the lake, which is filled with plastic waste, glass bottles and car tires.

Istanbul's dams

According to ISKI data, the occupancy rates of the dams that meet Istanbul’s water needs are the lowest at Papuçdere at 4.18 percent and Kazandere at 9.42 percent.

Büyükçekmece Dam, whose occupancy rate dropped to 10.66 percent, is followed by Sazlıdere Dam, whose occupancy rate dropped to 15.4 percent. The occupancy rate of Alibey Dam, which dropped to 13.95 percent, is followed by Istrancalar Dam with 18.27 percent.

Istanbul's dams

The water level in Terkos Dam decreased to 17.52 percent. It was determined that the occupancy rate in Elmalı Dam dropped to 21.48 percent.

In Darlık Dam, it dropped to 46.06 percent. In Ömerli Dam, the only dam of Istanbul that exceeded the 50 percent level, the occupancy was measured as 64.54 percent.

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