CS:GO 2 Game Finally Released…

CS:GO 2 Game Finally Released…

CS:GO 2 game is coming out. Allegedly, the new game will be released soon. Information has already been given for some innovations.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a popular game. This game was developed with the Source game engine. The source engine is software coded in C++. This engine is also an application released in 2004. So it’s pretty old. CS:GO still uses the engine released in 2004. When we came to 2014, the Source 2 game engine was included. In other words, 2 years after the release of CS: GO, the new game engine debuted. Along with the Source 2 game engine, many Valve games have been produced so far. Among them are games such as Dota 2, Half-Life: Alyx and Artifact. Now it’s time for CS:GO to be released on the updated engine. It is claimed that work has been done for this. Source 2 update is coming for CS:GO 2 game It is not yet certain when the next generation version of CS: GO will be released. However, some claims are shared. One of them is that the game will be released as CS: GO 2. So the game can come out separately. This does not disturb the layout of the current game. In fact, the event dates back to a few days ago. Recently, a detail was found in NVIDIA’s files. According to this detail, there was a profile named “Counter Strike 2” in the file. This profile contained 2 executables written “cs2.exe” and “csgo2.exe”. This situation has increased the expectations of the players for the new game even more.

CS: GO 2 game continues to shake the agenda. In addition, another claim needs to be reviewed. Accordingly, the firm called some professional players to the office in the USA. The reason for this is to allow players to test the new game. It is unknown how accurate this information is. If true, a new update may come in the near future.

CS:GO 2 Features

There is no detailed information about the new game yet, but some innovations have been leaked. One of them is related to the matchmaking system. Now the matchmaking system will give better results. It is explained that the app will offer similar experiences to platforms like FACEIT or ESEA. This will allow players to play higher quality rounds. Another innovation is said to be connection times. As you know, the connection time to the game is long. In other words, when a hand is connected, it is waited for 1 minute. Subsequent hands take less time. This will be history with the CS: GO 2 game. Another improvement is related to tick rates. Tick ​​rate is defined as the number of packets processed per second. In other words, it is stated how many packets are processed in 1 second. 64 packets are processed per second in CS:GO game. Some players may have better internet. Therefore, in the new game, 128 packets will be transferred instead of 64. So the update will offer 2x less lag.

CS:GO 2 is coming out

Information About CS:GO

CS: GO is a game released in 2012. The production, which has very positive comments on Steam, is based on a competitive game. The game can be played both in single and multiplayer. The main aim of the game is to fight the enemy. CS: GO, which has many modes, promises fun moments to people.

CS:GO System Requirements

Apart from the CS:GO 2 game, it is also necessary to give information about CS:GO. When we look at the system requirements of CS: GO, it seems that it does not want a high system. It is possible to play this game easily on entry and intermediate level systems.


Windows XP operating system

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom X3 8750 processor 2GB of RAM Graphics card with 256 MB VRAM, DirectX 9 and Pixel Shader 3.0 support 15GB of storage

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  1. Incredibly misleading title. The game does not even technically exist yet this is saying its out and playable by the title.

  2. It’s not released yet and probably won’t be for some time. Click bait trash

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