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Crocodile Attack in Tanzania! People’s Psychology Deteriorated

What happened in the village of Kimaramisale in Tanzania caused great fear. The deaths of 6 people who fell into the river in the village as a result of the crocodile attack since the beginning of the year prompted the authorities. Crocodile attacks, one of the most common problems in African countries, have started to increase their impact again. What has happened in Tanzania in East Africa since January has also caused great fear.


Crocodiles found in the river in the village of Kimaramisale, Tanzania, ate 6 people who fell into the river between January and March. The villagers, who stood up after the death of their relatives, complained to the authorities.

Security Measures Taken in Tanzania

After the crocodile attacks increased, the Tanzanian government stepped in. Government officials placed security guards on the riverbank and asked citizens to stay away from the area.

Residents Negatively Affected

On the other hand, it was stated that the crocodile attacks that occurred one after another in a short time disrupted the psychology of people. It was stated that the villagers avoided talking about the crocodile attacks.

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