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Crocodile Ate Child, His Parents Desperately Watched!

While visiting the Matina River in Limón, Costa Rica, 8-year-old Julio Otero Fernández Jr was pulled underwater by a crocodile that emerged from the river in front of his family. The body of the 8-year-old boy, who was dragged into the river in front of his parents, has not been found yet.

The incident, which took place in Costa Rica, a Central American country, had wide repercussions in the world press. While visiting the Matina River with his family in the city of Limón, 8-year-old Julio Otero Fernández Jr was dragged into the water by a crocodile that suddenly appeared while he was playing on the river bank. The child, who was caught by the crocodile in one move, watched helplessly before his parents could understand what had happened.


Distraught parents Julio Otero Sr and Margini Fernández Flores witnessed the death of their son. Expressing that they could not do anything when the crocodile caught their children, the family moved to Nicaragua due to the trauma they experienced. No trace of a crocodile or a small child was found by the authorities investigating the incident.

Expressing that he fears his other four children will suffer a similar fate, father Julio said, “The hardest thing for my wife was to see our son kidnapped by a crocodile in front of our eyes. We just watched without doing anything. We couldn’t continue living here. Everything reminds me of that moment,” he said.

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