Cristiano Ronaldo Is Leaving Saudi Arabia!

Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to leave Saudi Arabia's Al Nassr club where he transferred 5 months ago. Ronaldo will face a ban if he terminates his contract and leaves.

Cristiano Ronaldo, considered one of the biggest stars in the history of world football, made a surprise decision to transfer to Saudi Arabia’s Al Nassr club in January. After 5 months in Saudi Arabia, the Portuguese star decided to leave Saudi Arabia after finding the country’s level of development in football and infrastructure problems a major problem. Ronaldo is in danger of being banned from football if he terminates his contract.

After his transfer to Al Nassr, Ronaldo played 14 league, 2 king cup and 1 Super Cup matches with his new club, scoring 13 goals and providing 2 assists in those matches. According to Transfermarkt, Cristiano Ronaldo’s current market value is 20 million euros. While it is claimed that the 38-year-old world-famous star, who continues his football life in Saudi Arabia in a secluded way, may return to the European stage again, another claim that will fall like a bomb on the agenda was put forward by the German press.

According to a report in Abendzeitung Munich, Bayern boss Oliver Kahn received an e-mail from a man named Markus Schön. According to the report, the famous millionaire Markus Schön is the owner of a website in Germany and in an email to Oliver Kahn about Ronaldo’s transfer to Bayern, he expressed his interest in financing the transfer. Schön is reported to want to sign a cooperation agreement with Bayern and accordingly wants to bring Ronaldo to the club.

Ronaldo is also said to be warming to the Bayern idea. It was stated that the Portuguese star wants to showcase his football life, which he has continued in the Gulf in a secluded manner, on the European stage again with the Bayern brand.

In an email sent by Schön to Oliver Kahn, he assured that Ronaldo would be prepared to take a big pay cut in order not to damage the club’s finances. In the news, it was stated that Ronaldo transferred to Al Nassr for financial reasons and emphasized that he will earn an unprecedented 200 million euros in two years.

The German press reported that Ronaldo was unhappy at Al Nassr and regretted leaving the European stage. It was reported that Bayern could sign Ronaldo with a cooperation agreement.

Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo claimed that Ronaldo could no longer tolerate the football climate in Saudi Arabia and is considering leaving Al Nassr. The report underlined that Ronaldo is not satisfied with the level of development of football in Saudi Arabia and has instructed his agent to return to the European stage.

Ronaldo had signed a two-and-a-half-year contract with Al Nassr for 200 million euros a year. Mundo Deportivo reported that “Cristiano Ronaldo can’t take it anymore and wants to leave Al Nassr. It is only five months since he signed a two-and-a-half-year contract with the Saudi club, for which he will earn 200 million euros a year. But during this time, Ronaldo has realized the reality of the Saudi club and the current situation in the country, where the infrastructures are far from modern society. Therefore, his close circles are looking for ways to return to Europe.”

Mundo Deportivo claimed that if Ronaldo terminates his contract with Al Nassr without giving any valid reason, the Portuguese star will be sanctioned by FIFA. In the article signed by Ramon Fuentes, it was emphasized that if Ronaldo pays compensation to Al Nassr, the issue of sanctions will not come up.

The Following Expressions Were Used In The News Report:

“If Cristiano Ronaldo decides to leave the team without giving any reason, FIFA will have to compensate the club for the remaining two years of his contract, as set out in the Player Transfer Regulations. Specifically, Article 17 on wrongful termination states that “In all cases, the party terminating the contract undertakes to pay compensation”.”

Fifa Could Ban Him From Football For 4 Months

According to the news in Mundo Deportivo, Ronaldo could face a 4-month ban from football by FIFA if he fails to fulfill the specified obligations. “In addition to the obligation to pay compensation, sporting sanctions can be imposed against a player who wrongfully terminates his contract. As in the case of the Portuguese, who is now 37, given his age. Ronaldo has two years left on his contract with Al Nassr. The sanction would impose a four-month restriction on his eligibility to play in any official match. Ronaldo was not sanctioned for his mutual termination of his contract with United.”

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