Covid-19 Vaccine Application with Passport for Foreigners Started in Turkey

Within the scope of the precautions against Covid-19 in Turkey, both Turkish citizens and foreigners who have been legally in Turkey had the right to be vaccinated for 1 years. These people could get their vaccinations easily and free of charge by making an appointment with the nearest health institutions. However, the Covid-19 vaccine application did not cover people who are not legally in Turkey, that is, they have become illegal. Only foreigners with foreigner ID numbers starting with 99 could get their vaccinations by making an appointment. With the year 2022, some public and private hospitals started to include people who do not have a valid residence permit in Turkey, but who have a valid passport, in the vaccination application. As of January 2022, vaccination for foreigners with passports is paid in public and private hospitals.

*If you do not have a valid residence permit in Turkey and you want to be vaccinated against Covid-19, you will need the following information. You should make sure you have a valid passport.

*Make sure you call 184 and ask whether the public hospitals in your city carry out vaccination with passports and ask for information about the examination fee.

*If public hospitals do not implement this application, get information by calling private hospitals.

*If the hospital you are applying to is vaccinating with a passport, you do not need to make an appointment. However, you must carry your passport with you and present it before vaccination.

If you have questions about passport and Covid-19 vaccine applications in Turkey, you can send them to us in the comments section.


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  1. hello. do you have a list of hospitals in istanbul that carry out covid vaccine for foreigners (who are not residents) using valid passports? how much is the price of vaccine?

  2. Hello, so If im foreigner tourist with the Sputnik V, can I get vaccination in this country?

  3. Hi tnx for your good information
    Im coming to Istanbul as a tourist from 29th of April to 3rd May. Can I get my 3rd shot vaccine there since these days are holidays and I have doubt if they are ready for vaccination or not.
    I will appreciate your help
    Thanking you

  4. Hello!
    I’m Russian citizen and going to Antalya for vacation in June. Can I get a vaccination against COVID-19?

  5. Could you please confirm whether as a British citizen I can get a booster in a private hospital in Turkey? I had the original 2 dose vaccine Sinovac and have a paper international Covid vaccination certificate. I would prefer to have the same booster which as I understand is offered in Turkey.

  6. Hello! As a foreigner who received a COVID vaccine in Turkey, how can I get a QR code as a proof of vaccination.

    Thank you!

  7. I am from iran
    And want to get Pfizer vaccine 2 does with my valid pssport in istanbul.
    Which hospitals should I go ?
    Pls name places where I can get this vaccine


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