Counter-Strike 2’s Logo Revealed

We’re pretty close to the Counter-Strike 2 release date as Valve has introduced a new logo for the FPS game alongside numerous Steam updates.

Definitely the Counter-Strike 2 release date will be announced very soon. First, we’ve popped up a lot of potential CSGO Source 2 updates on Steam. Later, Valve applied for new trademark for something called “CS2”. Today, a brand new CSGO logo has surfaced with another hint for Counter Strike 2. The FPS brand, which still has millions of players, will soon be completely defeated.

For those who don’t know, let’s briefly summarize. Speculation about a new version of Global Offensive that will be updated with Counter-Strike 2 or perhaps the Source 2 engine started when Valve uploaded a number of new executables marked “CS2” to the CSGO Steam backend. Shortly after that, we reported a new trademark filing from Valve linking a new property, also called “CS2,” to the existing CSGO brand.

Today, a brand new Counter-Strike logo has appeared, confirming all these speculations. It may not seem like much on its own, but given the recent claims about CSGO, the idea of ​​a full sequel or a remake of the series in some way is enough to get hundreds of thousands of FPS fans excited.

A Counter-Strike fan with the username ‘Fitchin’ replacing the current banner on the official CSGO Twitter noticed that the ‘S’ appears conspicuously as the number 2 when you flip the revamped logo horizontally. You can see it below:

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