Counter-Strike 2 Introduced: Here’s What’s New

Counter-Strike 2 Introduced: Here’s What’s New

Counter-Strike 2, which has been claimed to be developed by Valve for a while, has been introduced. Details are here!

Valve introduced Counter-Strike 2 with its statement today. In the videos shared on the YouTube channel, the innovations that will come to the new game were shown with three short videos.

Using the Source 2 game engine, Counter-Strike 2 is not a new game, but rather includes the development of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s shortcomings. Valve treats this game as a complete rethink of every part and system of the old game.

Among the changes that are expected to be added to the game in the summer of 2023, there are especially the reorganization of the maps, the tick value and the fog effect.

Here are Counter-Strike 2 Gameplay Footage

One of the innovations of Counter-Strike 2 that will change the competitive arena will be the creation of much more realistic fog effects. The fog effect from smoke grenades and explosions can now realistically interact with light as well. At the same time, all players, regardless of their location, will see the same fog effect.

The fog effect will change depending on environmental factors thanks to the new update. In other words, the spread of fog in closed and open areas will be different from each other. Valve claims this change will greatly diversify gameplay.

With Counter-Strike 2, which is expected to arrive next summer, Valve says that instead of going for a radical change, by rearranging the classic maps, the resolution rates and lighting in the skins will increase.

The classic Counter-Strike excitement will be preserved while the gameplay will be diversified with the old maps to be rearranged with the Source 2 game engine and the new maps to be added.

Counter-Strike 2 Introduced

Players who play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have particularly complained that the game detects it so late despite FPS drops or mouse button clicks. Now, with Counter-Strike 2, this situation will be minimized.

Thanks to the calculation of the already existing tick values ​​in the game by dividing them into even smaller values, the communication between the player and the game will now be in a continuous flow without interruption. In this way, it will be possible to get much more accurate feedback in the game where even milliseconds make big differences.

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