Countdown To Turkey’s Most Powerful Engine

The production of the TEI TF6000 turbofan engine, which is the most powerful engine developed in Turkey and intended for use in the defense industry and energy, is expected to be completed in the first months of 2023 and to be commissioned in the first quarter of the year. year. TEKNOFEST BLACK, of which the agency is a media stakeholder, is held at Samsun Carsamba Airport.

Pointing out that the TF6000 is the largest engine designed and developed in Turkey, Aksit stated that his work in the jet group started with the TJ90 engine, followed by the TJ300, which broke the world record in its class. Aksit said, “We made a leap from the TJ300 to this engine. As we make the leap, we gradually increase the technology. Meanwhile, the helicopter engine is also a jet engine. We have covered significant distances with our TS1400 engine that we developed for Gokbey. We have covered and technologies have been obtained. We developed the TF6000 by applying it to a large engine. .This is our fair model, but its design and details are finished and it is currently in production. I hope it will be our next step engine. National Combat Aircraft. We are trying to reach the high-tech engine as soon as possible.”


Engine Alternatives to Bayraktar Kizilelma and Atak-2

Providing information about the platforms where the TF6000 can be used, Aksit said, “Actually, this is a technology development engine. Of course, no engine is produced for nothing. We specially chose the power class of this engine. We chose the power specially. He chose a special hull for this engine’s class. Also, our fast national gunboats. 4 of them are strong enough to carry gunboats. We have negotiations with BOTAS. We signed a protocol. Engines produced from aircraft engines are used to pump natural gas. They have very high power in natural gas lines. We also use our national natural gas compressors. In the long run, we use a derivative of this engine for electricity generation. This will meet the needs of our army.


Domestic Helicopter Engine Is Preparing For Manned Flight

Answering questions about the last stage of the TS1400 engine that will power the Gokbey helicopter, TEI General Manager Aksit said, “Since the project started in 2017, we actually have a few more years ahead of us according to the project calendar. Unfortunately, it is coming. It started after the helicopter because we are trying to do it as fast as we can. Although we have time in the project calendar. Our President of Defense Industries pressed me at Azerbaijan TEKNOFEST and took the floor at the end of this year. We delivered the prototype, but it was not for flying but for integration studies. Currently, our engine can easily produce 1570 horsepower in our trials. It has reached a serious maturity. I hope we are planning to deliver our first engines to be used. Manned flights in Gokbey before the end of this year.”

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