Compulsory Vaccines to be applied to Baby after Birth in Turkey

In order to take under control or completely eliminate preventable diseases with vaccine, vaccines are applied to babies in certain periods after birth in Turkey. Through vaccinations made properly and in time, immunity system of babies is strengthened and the risks of deaths and becoming permanently disabled which may arise from any disease are eliminated.

Protection periods of vaccines show difference from each other. While some vaccines protection lifelong when applied once, other ones should be applied again in certain periods.

Vaccination programs applied to babies in Turkey are actualized under surveillance of experts and consciously. Each born baby has a vaccination calendar and family physicians audits if this vaccination calendar is complied. Compulsory vaccines to be made to baby after birth are;

Bcg Vaccine

BCG vaccine being viable bacteria vaccine is applied subcutaneously at the end of second month following birth. BCG vaccine implemented compulsorily after 1951 in Turkey was applied 4 doses early on. This vaccine which was reduced to 2 doses in 1997 was decreased to single dose with the resolution of World Health Organization.

Diphteria-Whopping Cough- Tetanus COUGH- TETANUS VACCINE

This vaccine, a type of inactive vaccine entered within the scope of compulsory vaccines to be made after birth in Turkey, 1937. Vaccine calendar starting with 2nd month after birth is repeated in 4th, 6th and 18th month. As of 2016, these vaccines are also implemented in first class of primary education.

Hepatitis B Vaccine

Hepatitis B Vaccine which was added in routinely applied vaccines list in 1998 is efficient at 90-95%. As from 2003, it was applied in first month, 2nd month and 9th month. In 2007, it was started to be made in first month and 1th and 6th months. Hepatitis B vaccine which was added to list of early catching program vaccines in 2006 is applied 0.5 ml for the children up to age 11, 1 ml dosage for children bigger than age 11.

Hemophilus Influenza Type B Vaccine

It is proved that invasive Hibb disease has reduced at 99% rate in the countries where it is applied regularly. With DBT vaccine, it entered in Turkish National Vaccination Program in 2006. In 2007, it was included in Quintet Vaccine program.

According to current vaccination program, this vaccine is applied in 2th, 4th, 6th and 18th months after birth in Turkey. Single dose is implemented from age 1 to age 5. After age 5, it is only implemented to the children under risky group.

Measles- Mumps-Rubella Vaccine

Involved in vaccination program in 1970s Turkey and till 1987, it was applied in two doses to the babies at 8th and 15th months. While it was implemented as single dose in 9th month after birth from 1987 to 1998, after 2006 it has been applied two doses in total in 9th month and first grade of primary education.

This vaccine group which takes place in measles-mumps-rubella (KKK) triple vaccine in current vaccination calendar is applied in first grade of primary education and 12th month.

Chickenpox Vaccine

Chickenpox vaccine being a live virus vaccine is applied subcutaneously and while post vaccination efficiency is between 80%-90% for all cases, it is 95%-100% for serious diseases. Essential vaccine dose is two. While first dose is implemented between 12 and 15th month, second dose is applied at age 4-6.

Pneumococcus Vaccine

It firstly entered in vaccination calendar as conjugate pneumococcus vaccine with seven components in 2008 November. As from 2011, it has been applied in 12 components to all babies smaller than 60 months.

Hepatitis a Vaccine

Hepatitis A vaccine being a type of inactive vaccine is applied two doses every 6 months. All 12-23 month children and the individuals who have risk to carry Hepatitis A infection should be vaccinated. Hepatitis A vaccine provides protection between 94%-100%.

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