Competition Authority Fined Chain Stores

The investigation carried out by the Competition Authority in order to examine the pricing behavior of the chain markets engaged in retail trade of food and cleaning products, and the undertakings at the level of manufacturers and wholesalers, which are their suppliers, has been completed. After the investigation, it was decided to impose an administrative fine of 2 billion 671 million liras on BİM, CarrefourSA, Migros, ŞOK, A 101 and Savola Gıda.

The Competition Authority decided to impose an administrative fine on chain stores within the scope of the exorbitant price investigation.

Accordingly, a total of 2.7 billion TL fine was imposed on 5 chain markets and one supplier.

The penalties given are as follows:

CompanyFine (Mn TL)

Within the scope of the investigation, it was stated that there was no need to impose administrative fines on 23 companies, including cosmetics chains and the Food Retailers Association.

In addition, it was decided to send an opinion letter to the parties of the investigation on the issues that all suppliers and retailers of the investigation party should consider when exchanging competitively sensitive information about both their competitors in their own markets and each of them.

Increasing Prices to the Detriment of the Consumer

In the Competition Authority’s decision, fines can be found at the prices of the chain markets or at certain points, and prices and prices are reasonable. It was determined that the transitions were achieved.

Among the determinations, competitively sensitive information such as future prices, price transition dates, seasonal activities and campaigns are shared directly or through partner suppliers; In the period when the prices in the market rise, the prices in question are determined by intervening through the suppliers, by interfering with the prices of the undertakings that have reduced their prices or have not increased their prices yet.
It turned out to be magnified to the detriment of consumers.

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