Cokertme Bay

Cokertme Bay

Cokertme Bay is a village located in the Milas district of Mugla. Cokertme Bay is approximately 109 kilometers from Mugla, 52 kilometers from Milas and 17 kilometers from Milas Oren holiday resort.

Cokertme is a bay located on the shore of Gokova Gulf. Opposite the bay, you can see the Kocadag of the Datca peninsula. There are several facilities in Cokertme Bay that serve the arrivals.

The facilities in Cokertme Bay, which has a very calm and peaceful environment, serve their guests delicious meals at night, accompanied by low-pitched music. This is a bay for those who love silence. For a comfortable stay during your travel, you can evaluate the options of Mugla hotels.

  • If you are thinking about what to do when you come to Cokertme Bay, here are some suggestions for you.
  • You can swim and snorkel in the turquoise waters of the bay.
  • You should definitely go to Arpabuku Bay, which is within walking distance of Cokertme Bay. You reach here in 7-8 minutes by following the pathway behind the old fisherman.
  • Take a nature walk between the bays.                                   
  • You can go to where the Dairy philosopher movie was shot.
  • Have a kebab at Captain Ibrahim’s place.

Cokertme Bay and the surrounding areas are very convenient for setting up tents. You can also set up your own tent for camping or take advantage of the camping facilities in this region. Areas where you can camp in Cokertme Bay: You can set up tents around Feslegenbuku, Arpabuku, Konfilikt Bay. Since the number of facilities in these places I mentioned is limited, it is very important to prepare in advance. All the places I mentioned are beautiful, but our favorite spot is Arpabuku Bay, where we also swim. This is truly one of the heaven spots on earth.


You can reach Kemerkoy from Milas by minibuses departing every half hour, and after a 45 km road, you can take a taxi for 9 km between Kemerkoy and Cokertme. An earthy, dusty and raw road awaits those coming from the Gokova coast road after the Akyaka Cinar Beach location. When coming to Bodrum, it is possible to enter Gokbel village and Cokertme beach by entering from Mumcular and passing Yenikoy and Mazi villages. The roads are more suitable for jeep type vehicles. Do not forget to take your walking shoes, hat and water with you while climbing the Sivri Kumes hill. If you’re going to wear shorts, it’s worth remembering that the hill is covered with thorny weeds.


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