Climate change and human activities threaten the lives of giraffes

A new study has revealed that extreme rains and human activities caused by climate change threaten the lives of giraffes.

According to the news of Futurity, in a joint study by researchers from Pennsylvania State University in the USA and the University of Zurich in Switzerland, firstly, about Tanzania’s short-term rains, long-term rains, local precipitation in dry seasons, vegetation and general temperature. 20 years of data were collected.

In the last 8 years of these 20 years, the lives of 2,385 giraffes of all ages and genders in the Tarangire region of Tanzania were also followed.

The researchers measured the effects of human activities on the survival of giraffes, with climate change, changes in temperature, precipitation and vegetation.

Seeing that the probability of giraffes surviving decreases during the rainy seasons, the researchers attributed this to an increase in parasites and diseases during these seasons.

The researchers concluded that climate changes in East Africa, including short-term rains and more intense rainfall, will threaten the existence of giraffes, emphasizing that efficient land use and prevention of poaching are therefore essential for the protection of giraffes.

Professor of Biology at Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Derek Lee said that giraffes have long necks and legs, distinctive nostrils, a complex network of arteries that allow blood to flow to their brains, and patterned skin that helps dissipate high heat in their bodies to keep them cool.

On the other hand, Lee warned that temperatures during the study period may not have exceeded the tolerable thermal range for giraffes, and that a future extreme heatwave could set a threshold at which these gigantic animals could be harmed.

Associate Professor at the University of Zurich. Dr. Arpat Özgül said, “Our findings show that giraffes living close to the perimeter of protected areas are most vulnerable during heavy short rains. Because these conditions increase the risk of livestock-related disease because giraffes are close to farms. Also, heavy rain prevents giraffes from preventing poaching patrols. poses a great threat.” used the phrases.

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