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Civil War Warnings Are Issued Against Judicial Reform Confusing Israel

In the shadow of the reform debate, warnings of civil war increased. President Herzog asked Netanyahu to step back. All eyes were on the decision of the Tel Aviv administration.

The Israeli government seeks to limit the powers of the Supreme Court.

The reform package aims to reduce the influence of the judiciary on the selection of judges.

The moves of the coalition government led by Netanyahu to transfer some of the powers of the judiciary to the Parliament led to tensions between the government and the Israeli judiciary, especially the Supreme Court.

Civil War Warning After Demonstrations Where Tensions Increased

Tens of thousands of Israelis have been protesting for weeks to protest the arrangement.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog has warned of civil war in the shadow of the demonstrations that have increased tensions in recent days.

Herzog: The Eyes of the Whole People of Israel Are on You

Addressing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by making a new statement, Herzog demanded that the regulation be withdrawn:

“We have seen some very difficult scenes tonight. I appeal to the Prime Minister, the government and the coalition members: Emotions are difficult and painful. People are deeply worried. Security, economy, society … everything is at stake. The eyes of the entire Israeli people are on you.”

Gantz: I’m Afraid of Civil War

Former Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said of the growing nationwide demonstrations against the government’s controversial judicial reform, “I fear a civil war will break out here (in Israel). he said.

Gantz, “I live in my people and see how we’re falling apart.” had used the words.

“I urge you to stop the law immediately”

Some segments in Tel Aviv want to avoid confusion in the country. President Herzog continued his statement as follows:

In the name of the unity of the Israeli people, in the name of responsibility, I call upon the law to be stopped immediately. I appeal to all party leaders, coalition and opposition in the Knesset.

Bennett: Israel in Danger

Naftali Bennett, one of Israel’s former prime ministers, said: “Israel is in the greatest danger since the Yom Kippur War.” made his comment.

In the war between October 6-25, 1973, which was called the “Yom Kippur War” or the “Arab-Israeli War of 1973”, the Arab states led by Egypt and Syria started a war against Israel.

Support for the Suspension Decision from 3 Cabinet Members

On the other hand, 3 ministers from the ruling Likud party in Israel announced that they intend to support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision if he decides to stop the “judicial reform” plan that caused the political crisis in the country.

While the “judicial reform” of the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government, which restricts the powers of the judiciary and envisages the power to have a say in judicial appointments, has caused protests across the country for 12 weeks, and the dismissal of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Sunday evening, who called for the regulation to be stopped, was the last straw.

After Gallant’s dismissal, hundreds of thousands of Israelis took to the streets.

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