Cine Valley

Cine Valley

The Çine Valley, which dominates the green nature, has a mythological legend with the Çine Stream, which bears the same name. According to the legend, the goddess Athena sees her own reflection in the water while wandering by the Çine Stream, and because she saw her cheeks so swollen in the water, she suddenly threw the pipe she stole into the water. Afterwards, Marsyas found the pipe and in time began to play so beautifully that Apollo was jealous and became very famous. Apollon offered Marsyas a competition. King Midas was the referee of this competitive competition. In the competition, Marsyas was declared losing despite his great performance; but Apollo had flayed Marsyas out of jealousy. Midas has turned his ears to donkey ears. Apollo, who regretted his punishment, turned Marsyas’ body into a river. This river is known as Çine Stream today. Çine Valley is one of the most preferred places as a camping area. The valley, where quite differently formed rocks appear as a magnificent visuality, is especially attracted by photographers. It is useful to remind that there are scorpions and snakes in this camping area where you will be alone with nature. Since there is no business in the camping area, you should consider your every need.


The distance between Çine Valley and Aydın Center is 36 km. You can reach the valley by minibuses from the city center.

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