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ChatGPT vs Ernie Bot: China’s AI Doesn’t Recognize China’s President!!

China’s giant search engine Baidu has announced an artificial intelligence chat tool similar to ChatGPT called Ernie Bot. However, it seems that China’s artificial intelligence does not recognize China’s leader.

Although China is one of the leading countries in artificial intelligence, Ernie Bot, introduced by Baidu, which is considered the country’s Google, seems to have failed to deliver what was expected. While what was shown during the promotion did not please the investors, now Ernie Bot has been compared to ChatGPT.

Ernie Bot Doesn’t Know China’s Leader

China wants to compete with Baidu’s Ernie Bot with Microsoft Bing and the upcoming artificial intelligence Google. However, it seems that Ernie Bot has some “restrictions”, such as China’s internet censorship. In comparison tests, he asked both Ernie Bot and ChatGPT, “What policies has President Xi Jinping developed that are beneficial to China’s economic development?” the question was asked. The answers given are as follows:

Ernie: “As an AI language model, I haven’t learned how to answer this question yet. You can ask me more questions and I’ll try to help you.”

ChatGPT: “As of my information blackout in September 2021, President Xi Jinping has implemented various policies aimed at boosting China’s economic development,” he gave several examples.

Doesn’t Answer Sensitive Questions

Ernie similarly responded to questions about China’s suppression of pro-democracy demonstrations in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in 1989 and the treatment of ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region by authorities. According to Reuters, the chatbot usually responds to such sensitive questions, “Let’s change the subject and start over.”

When asked how he approaches sensitive issues, Ernie says he considers “relevant laws and moral standards” when deciding whether an issue can be “openly discussed.” On the other hand, Baidu CEO Robin Li, when introducing Ernie Bot last week, said that the chatbot is not perfect and that users should be more tolerant of bugs and that the chatbot will evolve exponentially with user feedback. In addition, it should be noted that ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing or other chatbots do not respond to some sensitive topics, although not the same.

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