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ChatGPT Hacked?

New information from the recent lawsuit between the New York Times and OpenAI has begun to emerge. OpenAI claimed that ChatGPT was hacked. What is the truth? Here are the details!

OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which took the first step in the field of artificial intelligence, has recently attracted attention by giving strange answers to its users. New information has started to come from the lawsuit between OpenAI, the roof company of the tool, which is often the center of controversy, and the New York Times.

The most striking point of the new developments in the case is that some questions asked to ChatGPT allegedly led to the “hacking of the system”. The company, which has a copyright dispute with the NYT (New York Times), was accused of producing misleading evidence in the case.

While accusations were leveled against OpenAI, OpenAI also claimed that the New York Times manipulated ChatGPT and thus collected misleading information. OpenAI filed the court application in this copyright case.

Saying that the artificial intelligence chats presented by the NYT were not real, the company said that the Times used “deceptive commands in clear violation of OpenAI’s terms of use” when interacting with ChatGPT and many chat bots.

In addition to these statements, OpenAI reported the incident as a system hack, but did not explain how the New York Times breached this hacking attempt. Representatives of both companies did not comment on the allegations.

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