Cennet Island

Cennet Island

The air of this magnificent island, where you will feel as if you are in a different world, will give you rest and unforgettable moments with its wonderful sea and greenery. The name of this place is Cennet Island, but, it is a peninsula.

Cennet Island, right next to Marmaris Bay, is one of the most visited places by boats in Marmaris. So what can you do when you come to this magnificent island? You can walk in the island, which is far from noise and full of oxygen, you can enter the sparkling sea and spend hours. When you leave yourself to the magnificent sea and you are alone with nature, you will not understand how time passes. The chirping of the birds, the waves hitting the beach and the shade of the trees are another beautiful thing here. The landscape here will take your tiredness, relieve your stress and boredom.

You can dine in the restaurants around Cennet Island and sit in the cafes and enjoy your tea and coffee at the threshold of the scenery. If you like to take photos, be sure to bring your camera with you to capture the wonderful views and beauty you will see here. Sometimes we feel the sorrow of not being able to capture a moment and beauty that we see… Here, in order not to fall into regret, you should bring your camera. Cennet Island, which is visited by those who come here on holiday in the summer months and find peace, is also an ideal place for diving. Those who come here with their private boats leave themselves from the boat to the cool waters of the sea.


Many visitors come to the island, which is located at the entrance of Marmaris Bay, by walking and by boat every day. Apart from the boat tour, after a 8-kilometer journey from Marmaris to Cennet Island, , then you can reach the island on foot. It will be a very nice experience especially for those who love nature walks. You must come here early in the morning to enjoy the island. You can easily spend a full day on the island without getting bored.


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