Caught for dropping his wallet while stealing

While the person who dropped his wallet while stealing at the shopping center was caught by the police teams, the moment of the wallet falling was also included in the security camera footage of the theft.

Istanbul Police Department Burglary Bureau teams went after a group that broke into many workplaces in Istanbul and stole.

In the studies, it was determined that the thieves were seen by security cameras in many incidents.

It was seen that the suspects, who were seen as 3 people in the images, were looking for money by bringing them under their workplaces.

While the police teams were examining the security cameras, one detail did not escape their notice.

Police realized that wallet was dropped

In the incident where the suspects entered a textile workshop in Güngören on 5 June for theft and stole some money, it was seen that one of the suspects dropped his wallet. It was determined that the suspect, who did not notice his falling wallet, quickly fled with his friends.

Theft Bureau teams evaluated the information in this wallet and determined the identity of one of the suspects, Mehmet Can U. (29).

Located and packed

The suspect was taken into custody in the operation carried out the previous day in Bahçelievler. It was determined that Mehmet Can U. had a previous criminal record of 67 and was sought by a court decision.

It was determined that the suspect, together with his accomplices, was involved in theft from a house in Bakırköy, theft from a jewelery store in Başakşehir, theft from a textile workshop in Güngören, and theft from a house in Küçükçekmece. The suspect was referred to the courthouse after the proceedings.

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