Catastrophic Accident In Istanbul! Many Dead

In Bahçelievler, the driver lost control of the steering wheel for an unknown reason and hit the wall of the tram bridge. 4 people in the car lost their lives.

The incident occurred around 04.15 on Bahçelievler Merkez Mahallesi Mehmet Akif Street. According to the information obtained, a car with 34 EPG 224 license plate was traveling on the street when the driver lost control of the steering wheel for an unknown reason, first hit the median and then hit the wall under the bridge over which the tram passes. With the effect of the impact, the car turned in the opposite direction. Citizens who saw the accident reported the situation to the police, fire brigade and health teams. Citizens also rushed to help and 4 people were trapped in the car.

4 People Killed In Totaled Car

While police teams took security measures, fire brigade teams started to work to rescue 4 people trapped in the car. As a result of the efforts of the fire brigade and health teams, 1 person, whose name is not known yet, was rescued from where he was seriously injured but could not survive in the hospital where he was hospitalized. Halil İbrahim Eşiyok, Uğur Tunç and 1 person whose name has not yet been determined died at the scene.

2 Guns Found In The Car

In the accident where 4 people died in total, it was learned that 2 guns were found in the car during the investigations.

Taxi driver Cihan Altun, who said he saw the accident, said, “The car was coming very fast from Zeytinburnu side. It lost control of the steering wheel and hit the wall. We, as citizens, came and looked immediately to see if we could do anything. We couldn’t do anything. There were four people in the car. The car hit that corner and turned over. One of them was taken to the hospital by ambulance, and three of them are already here as you can see.”

Crime scene investigation teams investigated the scene for a long time. After the investigations, the lifeless bodies of 4 people who lost their lives were taken to the Forensic Medicine Institute Morgue.

After the accident, the car was almost shattered and police teams started to investigate the cause of the accident.

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