Can Illegal Immigrants Get Covid-19 Vaccine in Turkey?

Vaccination is one of the most important methods for the challenge against Covid-19. Within this scope, more than 100 million doses of vaccination have been carried out in Turkey as of September, and serious precautions are being taken in the fight against the pandemic. In addition, vaccination practices have been expanded to cover not only Turkish citizens but also foreigners in the country. With the start of the vaccinations, the vaccination processes started with the foreigners with residence and work permits, and then the application was extended to cover all foreigners legally in Turkey. According to the new application, some of the foreigners who are illegal can be included in the Covid-19 vaccine program. In this text, we will briefly talk about how foreigners who are illegal in Turkey can be vaccinated.

How Can Illegal Foreigners Get Vaccinated in Turkey?

First of all, it should be known that foreigners who entered Turkey only legally, but later became illegal, can be included in the Covid-19 vaccine program. In other words, irregular migrants who have entered Turkey illegally cannot receive the Covid-19 vaccine in Turkey. According to the new application, foreigners who have been in Turkey with a valid residence permit or visa before, but have not made the necessary renewals within the legal period for any reason, and have continued to be in Turkey at the same time, are included in the vaccination program within the framework of the legal entry requirement. Even if they are not active at the moment, these foreigners must have foreigner identification numbers starting with 99. We recommend that you apply to the vaccination centers with your foreign identity number and passport and get your vaccination as soon as possible.

If you have questions about illegal foreigners getting the Covid-19 vaccine, you can share them with us in the comments section.

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