Can Foreigners Open a Case in Turkey? Which Conditions are Required?

Just like Turkish citizens, foreigners also have the right to open a case in Turkey. Clearly, the concept of case, in its most basic sense, refers to the use of an effort to seek rights through judicial authorities. A claim is forwarded to the competent authorities through case and a final decision is made at the end of the judging process. In this respect, the execution of a right, the determination of the existence or absence of a right or a legal situation or the creation of a new legal situation or the request for the elimination of the existing one or the change of its content may constitute the subjects of the case. Similarly, claiming rights through judicial authorities against the actions or actions of legal bodies or judicial processes related to acts that are clearly defined as crimes in the law are also the subject of cases.

Conditions of Opening a Case

Firstly, you should know that in order to open a case, one must have the capacity to sue. According to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, every adult person who has the power to distinguish and is not restricted has the capacity to sue. Persons who do not have legal capacity to act are represented legally through their legal representatives. In the laws of the Republic of Turkey, the concept of legal representative for private persons means guardian for minors, and guardian for persons who are restricted or do not have the power to distinguish. Just like Turkish citizens, foreigners in Turkey have the right to apply to the courts if they have the capacity to open a case, in case of loss of any rights and freedoms.

Who is a Lawyer? In Which Subjects Do You Need Lawyers?

Lawyers are legal advisors and representatives of individuals. Except for the special regulations specified in some laws, anyone who has the capacity to sue can personally open their own case and apply all legal procedures himself. Therefore, there is no obligation to hire a lawyer, except in some exceptional cases. Your lawyer can assist you in resolving a variety of legal issues and disputes. At the same time, with a power of attorney, your lawyer can represent or defend you in court. In addition, your lawyer can follow up all the necessary business and documents on your behalf in government offices. Finally, your lawyer can also work as a conciliator or mediator if he or she meets the necessary conditions. Since the subject of advocacy is a self-employed profession, you can apply directly to a law firm or benefit from legal consultancy services by requesting a lawyer from the bar association.

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